Tourniquet BTX 300-S



  • Single-Sided
  • Bi-Directional
  • Through the ‘Free-pass’ property; the solenoids only lock the systems during unauthorized pass. Normally the pass is free in the unauthorized passage directions.
  • Turnstile body is 304-Grade Stainless Steel; Mechanical units are galvanized steel, the rotor head unit is polyamide.
  • After moving 30° from the original positions, the arms do not reverse back.
  • The silent, and smooth operations through the hydraulic shock absorber.
  • Solenoids operating through DC and driven by PVM.
  • Electronic control board is resistant to the vibration.
  • All system algorithm and parameters can be controlled through the microcontroller units.
  • After the passage authorization, the system resets itself when a passage is not realized (can be set out 6 sec., 12 sec. and 18 sec.)
  • Can be synchronized with metal detectors.
  • Fail-safe or fail secure operational models can be selected on the preferences.
  • All signals are isolated with opto-couplers and can be controlled with GND.
  • All outputs are relay contact or GND.
  • Optionally; can be operated up to 5 hours incase of power failure through the utilizations of built-in UPS.
  • The entrance and exit directions can be selected by means of Enable/Disable property.
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